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          Rolex Laureates pursue their goals with vision and determination. Many of their ultimate aims are shared.

          Protecting threatened birds

          As scientists warn of the pending extinction of thousands of bird species, Rolex Laureates are fighting back.

          Electronic eyes in the wild

          New tracking technologies developed by Rolex Laureates are proving a powerful weapon in the race to save endangered species.

          Elegant solutions

          Great answers to some of the world’s most difficult problems can be surprisingly simple, with a dash of innovative thinking.

          Enterprise in India

          This vibrant country is demonstrating how great things can happen when enterprise meets creativity, ingenuity, determination and tenacity.

          Perilous journeys

          For some extraordinary people, the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the thirst for adventure are worth putting their lives at risk.

          Saving fragile ecosystems

          Guardians of forests and waterways are finding inspiring ways to conserve the Earth’s bio-sphere and improve the lives of the world’s poorest people.

          The power of education

          Rolex has discovered individuals whose selfless determination has given young people a greater sense of their place in the world.

          Empowering women

          Some of the most inspiring stories arising from the Awards concern the liberation of women from the oppression of dependence and poverty.