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          Some of the most inspiring stories arising from the Awards concern the liberation of women from the oppression of dependence and poverty.
          Introduction by Kanwaljit Soin
          It is well known that enhancing women’s participation in the economy contributes to national GDP and alleviation of poverty. Yet, worldwide, women are denied access to education and resources. About two thirds of the illiterate adults in the world are female.

          Social transformation and sustainability cannot be achieved without addressing the global gender gap. Women can only hold up half the sky when they are given the opportunity to be educated and empowered to contribute fully to society. Not tapping the potential of women wastes one of our greatest resources. Empowering women can empower the earth.

          Rolex, through its Awards for Enterprise, supports and helps to multiply the efforts of Laureates to carry out this very important goal of the empowerment of women and the creation of social justice.

          Social activist Kanwaljit Soin is an orthopaedic and hand surgeon. She was a Rolex Awards jury member in 2000 and 2004.

          Upcycling meets fashion design

          Published in 2010

          Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, 2010 Young Laureate

          Pride and enterprise

          Published in 2006

          Chanda Shroff, 2006 Laureate

          Pride and enterprise

          In a remote part of India, Chanda Shroff has empowered women in a highly conservative society by reviving traditional hand embroidery.

          Working to improve the lives of women