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          Rolex has discovered individuals whose selfless determination has given young people a greater sense of their place in the world.
          Introduction by Rodrigo Jordán
          As we tenaciously work the sails, the ropes and the rudder of our sailing boat struggling against the Antarctic storm, a glorious albatross approaches our battered vessel using that same wind to totally unfold itself to magnificence.
          - Drake Passage, January 2008

          I think of education as the ‘wind’ that allows persons to fully unfold themselves to their uttermost potential.

          It is certainly and dramatically required by people to overcome the suffering of poverty and seek better social and economic development. Education is also crucial if human beings are to seek farther than themselves and understand the vast universe or venture into their souls to express humanity through art and poetry.

          But, in order to be significant for fully unfolding young individuals, the process of education needs to consider, respect and incorporate the social and cultural background of the individual. This can only be achieved when education is given by those who think of education as a profound expression of love. The Rolex Awards for Enterprise have been spot on in identifying these kind of educators.

          Educator and mountaineer, Dr Rodrigo Jordán is chairman of Vertical and of the Chilean Foundation for the Alleviation of Poverty. In 2000 and 2008 he was a Rolex Awards jury member.

          Saving children through health education

          Published in 2010

          Bruktawit Tigabu, 2010 Young Laureate

          A new life for AIDS orphans

          Published in 2008

          Andrew Muir, 2008 Laureate

          A new life for AIDS orphans

          South African conservationist Andrew Muir provides vulnerable but motivated youths with vocational training and jobs in the burgeoning ecotourism industry, while immersing them in their country’s rich natural heritage.

          Other Laureates empowering others through education