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          Norberto Luis Jácome

          1996 Associate Laureate, Environment
          Argentina, Born 1960

          [email protected]

          Project Goal

          Store reproductive material of endangered species in a genetic bank

          Location: Argentina

          "A cultural change is absolutely necessary if we’re going to guarantee the continuity of life on this beautiful planet.”

          In 1996 Norberto Luis Jácome was selected as a Rolex Associate Laureate for his pioneering efforts to protect the Andean Condor. He has expanded his work and is now helping to create a genetic bank to store the reproductive material of endangered species. This is necessary because, he says, we are living through a catastrophe on the scale of the biblical flood experienced by Noah. This time the problem is not too much water, but a panoply of problems that threaten the future of life on earth.

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