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          1993 Jury Member

          The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

          Location: United States

          Charles F. Brush
          United States, 1923-2006

          Charles F. Brush III is an American anthropologist, archaeologist, high-altitude diver, businessman, philanthropist and an explorer of both the outer and inner world. His excavations in Mexico uncovered the earliest carbon-14 dated pottery.

          Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he studied sociology at Yale University and he earned a Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University in 1969. He then worked as a research associate at Yale, at the Institute of Andean Research, and held a post as field associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. He has been curatorial associate at the Peabody Museum, Yale University, since 1980. He is a fellow of the Society for American Archaeology, the American Anthropological Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Geographical Society.

          He assisted in the American Museum of Natural History excavations at Comalcalco, Mexico (1956); was principal investigator for the State of Guerrero, Mexico, of an archaeological survey sponsored by the Institute of Andean Research (1959-1961); and director of the American Museum's archaeological exploration along the coast of Guerrero (1969-1974). He has recently led five expeditions to lakes above 5,800m in Chile. These expeditions collected materials from which one new species has already been identified. He has taught courses on Mexican archaeology and also on population problems. He is director and past president of the Explorers Club, a director of the American Geographical Society and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

          Charles Brush is director emeritus and also one of the four founders of the Charles A. Lindbergh Fund; he is a former vice-president of the Hans Christian Andersen Story Telling Center, the first president of the American Scandinavian Society of New York and was a trustee of the Sierra Club Foundation.

          During the 1950s, Dr Brush participated in two automobile rallies from Algiers to Cape Town. He also organized an airline-catering business and managed a sugar cane plantation and cattle farming in Jamaica. He has been a director of Brush Wellman, Inc. since 1958, and of Deep Ocean Engineering and Deep Ocean Technology since 1984. He discovered mountaineering at the age of 50 and has climbed mountains on four continents, made first ascents in the Canadian Arctic and scaled three peaks over 6,700m, the last when 53 years old. At the age of 58, he took up race walking and has completed 11 marathons so far.

          Dr Brush died on 1 June 2006 at the age of 83.

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