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          1987 Jury Member

          The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

          Location: United Kingdom

          Fleur Cowles
          United Kingdom, 1918-2009

          American philanthropist and a lover of wildlife, Fleur Cowles is a governing member of various international and national nature preservation associations and a supporter of two distinguished museums. Journalist, authoress, painter, Cowles has been a key figure in steering magazines such as Look and Flair in the U.S., and has a series of books and art exhibitions to her name.

          Fleur Cowles received an honorary degree as a doctor of law from Elmira University after she became associate editor of Look magazine. During this time, she also served two presidents of the United States, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, on foreign assignments, including at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. ln 1955, she left the U.S. to live in England, and became Look's foreign correspondent. Fleur Cowles then began to paint, and has since had 36 solo exhibitions.

          As an author, she has written or contributed to 11 books and has just completed two new books.

          Cowles has received decorations from five governments: Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, France, 1952; Order of Bienfaisance, Greece, 1954; the Queen’s Coronation Medal, United Kingdom, 1953; Chevalier of the Southern Cross, Brazil, 1952 (with promotion to the rank of Commander in 1973); and the Ribbon of La Dama of the Order of Isabel la Católica, Spain, 1976.

          Fleur Cowles is particularly interested in wildlife and nature preservation and is a member of the World Wildlife Fund International Council.

          Fleur Cowles died on 5 June, 2009.

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