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          2002 Jury Member

          The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

          Location: Egypt

          Laila El-Hamamsy
          Egypt, 1925-2009

          Laila El-Hamamsy has devoted her life to championing women in developing countries, as well as to helping preserve the environment.

          Over the past quarter-century, she has served as director of the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo, where she is currently professor emeritus. El-Hamamsy’s work for the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and UNESCO’s International Bioethics Committee are only two of her many fields of accomplishment on behalf of the U.N.

          Today, Dr El-Hamamsy is also a member of Egypt’s National Bioethics Committee, the Committee on Genetics and Ethics of the National Specialised Science Council and of the World Society of Ekistics — the study of human settlements.

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