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          1998 Jury Member

          The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

          Location: Spain

          Marta Estrada
          Spain, Born 1946

          “As a scientist, my natural instinct is to question,” says eminent oceanographer and marine biologist Dr Marta Estrada, who has dedicated most of her life to expanding our knowledge of the world. “From an early age I was intent on discovering new things and exploring the unknown,” she explains.

          In her role as head of marine biology at the famed Institute of Sea Sciences in Barcelona, Estrada has spearheaded important oceanographic campaigns, studying the dynamics of marine ecosystems and the impact that an ever-changing plankton population has on the environment. Her research on plankton communities has contributed to the understanding of global ecology and won her international acclaim and awards from such diverse sources as the Académie des Sciences in Paris and the Catalonian government in Spain.

          Dr Estrada sits on many government and scientific bodies and contributes to international marine congresses, which benefit from her first-hand knowledge of the Mediterranean and of the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic oceans. This dedicated scientist has explored the world’s depths both as an oceanographer and in pursuit of one of her many hobbies, scuba diving. Dr Estrada has also found time to earn a blue belt in judo and to scale mountains from Mont Blanc in the Alps, to Kilimanjaro in Africa and numerous peaks in the Pyrenees, Andes and Himalayas.

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