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          Andrew Bastawrous

          2016 Laureate, Applied Technology
          United Kingdom, Born 1980

          Project Goal

          Peek Vision: A smartphone-based portable eye examination system for use in resource-poor settings

          Location: Kenya

          “A huge imbalance exists between those who need eye care and those who have it available to them.”

          Impaired eyesight affects millions of people in developing countries, harming their ability to study, work and raise their living standards – yet treatment is seldom available. ?British eye surgeon and public health doctor, Andrew Bastawrous has pioneered a brilliant solution – a portable eye test kit that operates by mobile phone and can be used by ordinary people to screen for common eye diseases. His Portable Eye Examination Kit (Peek), enables non-medical users to test visual acuity, scan for disease and transmit the results to trained ophthalmologists in distant hospitals for rapid diagnosis and follow-up treatment. Following successful trials, Peek is now being used in Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Ethiopia and India with many other regions and countries planned for extended access to eye care. He will also set up a centre of excellence in Kenya to provide training and foster collaboration.

          285 million

          Visually impaired people in the world

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