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          Claudia Feh

          2004 Laureate, Environment
          France, Born 1951

          [email protected]

          Project Goal

          Reintroduce the endangered Przewalski horses to their native habitat in Mongolia and improve life for the local nomadic people

          Location: Mongolia

          "I’ve always been interested in free-living horses, and the Przewalski is the world’s last truly wild horse."

          Claudia Feh, who has spent more than 30 years observing free-living horses, has established herself as world expert on their behaviour. For the past decade Claudia, originally from Switzerland, has been raising the world’s only natural herd of Przewalski horses, in France. She reintroduced the first of two groups of 12 horses to the Mongolian steppes in September 2004, and will now ensure that local nomads and the international experts benefit equally from the initiative by sharing information in a pioneering learning forum in a village in western Mongolia.


          Przewalski horses alive today


          hours Claudia spent studying free-living horses


          animals at TAKH's French reserve


          Przewalski foals born in 2008

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