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          Erika Cuéllar

          2012 Laureate, Environment
          Bolivia, Born 1971

          [email protected]

          Project Goal

          Train local people in three countries to protect the Gran Chaco

          Location: Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay

          “The incorporation of local people as equal stakeholders has become the accepted paradigm for conservation the world over.”

          Erika Cuéllar is training local people in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina as parabiologists with the aim of protecting the extraordinary biodiversity of one of South America’s last truly wild environments, the Gran Chaco. This hot, relatively inhospitable environment has the second-largest forest in South America after the Amazon.

          1 million

          square kilometers are occupied by the Gran Chaco


          percent of the savannah has been lost over 40 years

          4 million

          people live in the Chaco

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