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          José Márcio Ayres

          2002 Laureate, Environment
          Brazil, 1954-2003

          Project Goal

          Combine the protection of the Amazon forest with the human need for sustainable income

          Location: Brazil

          "Thousands of people are benefiting today from the dream of one man who gave himself the means of making it come true."

          Brazilian environmentalist José Márcio Ayres, who died in March 2003, devoted his life to the challenge of combining protection of the Amazon forest with improving the living conditions of its native people. Now the team of people who succeeded the 2002 Rolex Awards Laureate is keeping alive his passionate commitment to the Amazon by expanding his work.


          initial size, in square kilometres, of the sustainable development reserve Ayres established


          size, in square kilometres, of the expanded protected corridor of tropical rainforest, the most extensive in the world


          people living in reserves


          visitors who have come to Mamirauá, most from the United States and Europe

          Other 2002 Laureates