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          Lonnie Dupre

          2004 Laureate, Exploration
          United States, Born 1961

          [email protected]

          Project Goal

          Raise awareness of global warming through Arctic crossing

          Location: United States

          "If only one person's mind was turned around about global warming, that's fine."

          For Arctic explorer and 2004 Rolex Laureate, Lonnie Dupre, global warming is not just a theory – it is a visible and immediate threat to the region that he loves passionately. In May 2005, he set out with co-explorer and friend Eric Larsen on an ambitious expedition to heighten global awareness of this menace. The unseasonal conditions that prevented them from completing their Arctic expedition are for Lonnie Dupre an urgent warning.


          days Dupre and his co-explorer spent on the ice

          21 million

          audience reached via reports of Dupre's expedition


          weight, in kilograms, of Dupre and his co-explorer's canoes

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