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          Martine Fettweis-Viénot

          1984 Laureate, Cultural Heritage
          Belgium, Born 1947

          Project Goal

          Create the first complete catalogue of Mayan wall paintings

          Location: Guatemala

          "Mayan imagery operates like a system of writing in which each detail has its own significance."

          In 1975, a young Belgian archaeologist and art historian, Martine Fettweis-Viénot, began a single-handed study of the colourful Maya murals of Mexico and Guatemala. Her painstaking copying of the paintings, which is to result eventually in a published catalogue, led her to new theories about the murals and their role in Maya society.


          paintings in Martine's database as of 1996


          sites visited in documenting murals


          culturally and environmentally different zones in Martine's research


          year of Martine's Brussels exhibition of photographs, maps and Mayan wall paintings

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