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          Karina Atkinson

          2012 Young Laureate, Environment
          United Kingdom, Born 1985

          [email protected]

          Project Goal

          Foster research and responsible tourism in a bio-diversity hotspot

          Location: Paraguay

          “The solutions to everyday problems here, which are different from those that occur in the Western world, are so simple and logical – it’s this approach to problem-solving that really attracts me about taking on the project in Paraguay.”

          When she stepped on a plane to volunteer on a science programme in Paraguay in 2008, Scottish biologist Karina Atkinson had no idea that five years later she would be deeply ensconced in a project to help transform a little-known, richly bio-diverse reserve into a centre for scientific research and eco-tourism.

          With the help of her Rolex Award, she is determined, within the next five years, to turn her Paraguayan NGO, Para La Tierra, into a conservation model, where scientific study goes hand in hand with projects that ensure the benefit of local communities.

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