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          Selene Biffi

          2012 Young Laureate, Cultural Heritage
          Italy, Born 1982

          [email protected]

          Project Goal

          Revive traditional storytelling to craft a new narrative for Afghanistan

          Location: Afghanistan

          “This is not just an art programme taking place in Afghanistan, but a way to offer younger generations the possibility to take pride in their country, its rich history and age-old traditions. It is a way to create a bridge between past and present generations, instilling in both a sense of hope and purpose through a much beloved form of art—storytelling.”

          Selene Biffi is an Italian social entrepreneur who focuses her work on youth empowerment and education. With Rolex's support, she has established a school for storytellers in Afghanistan that will preserve traditional Afghan folktales and oral heritage by creating a venue for ageing master storytellers to teach their craft and verbal artistry to younger generations. The skills and practical knowledge acquired will help students uphold the traditional body of tales and learn to create new narratives that carry important developmental messages to impoverished communities.

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